Currently, we are having to content ourselves at home more with the increasing restrictions being put in place in Germany, Switzerland and France around us due to the corona virus. The plus side for us at the moment is that there is more time at home for cooking and baking in the evenings and at weekends when we would otherwise go out 🙂

Yesterday I made a lovely roast beetroot and goat cheese tart. Delicious, earthy and goaty. My idea of heaven and pretty healthy 🙂 You can see the recipe at the top of my ‘Mains’ page here.


Additionally, we have really got into baking with sourdough recently after setting up a sourdough culture. So far, in addition to sourdough bread,  recipe you can see on my ‘Baking’ page, we have made various sweet things with sourdough. The sourdough gives cakes and sweets a really nice sour flavour which contrasts very well with the sweetness:

Latvian style sourdough pancakes – I will put up the recipe in due course

Sourdough cinnamon brioche buns – For these I used the brioche recipe on my ‘Baking’ page but substituted some water and flour with some sourdough culture. I took some sourdough culture the night before I baked these and fed it with flour and water to allow it to bubble up over night. Then I used this bubbled up sourdough starter in the brioche dough. I left the dough to rise longer than when I use shop bought yeast and instead of an olive & sun dried tomato filling, I used a cinnamon, brown sugar and butter filling. Once I had shaped the buns, I placed them all next to eachother into an oven proof baking dish on top of a gooey cinnamon sugar syrup and left them to rise into eachother before baking. Once baked, the buns were pull apart and lovely and gooey on top.

Sourdough chocolate brownies – this recipe is by Izzy Hossack, a british baker / cook. I used her exact recipe but left the chocolate browny mixture over night to bubble up with the sourdough to bring out the flavour even more. I also used dark brown instead of light brown sugar. This gives the brownies an extra deep flavour. In the end, the sourness from the sourdough together with the chocolatey sweetness – heaven! 

Sourdough danish pastries – I’d always wanted to try to make proper puff pastry. And then we thought of sourdough puff pastry. It worked very well and the pastries came out very well.


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