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Climbing Peas

We have been growing peas every year upto now. They grow pretty well on the shady side of our balcony, during spring and until it gets too hot. They are very tasty, but you do need quite some plants to get a reasonable crop. Additionally we had some problems with powdery mildew ruining the plants, starting from bottom upwards. We still got peas, but the plants end up not looking very nice. From now on we will probably try to grow beans instead of peas in 2018.

Instructions for a successful climbing pea crop:

1. At the end of April, sow seeds 3 cm deep, directly in the ground outside.

2. Water the soil well and wait for the seeds to sprout.

3. As the pea plants grow, you will see little tentacles forming. At this point it is time to put in poles or rig up string for the plants to climb on.