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Pointy Peppers

We tried to grow pointy red peppers, as these make a nice meal, when stuffed with all sorts of things. Unfortunately several years in a row the plants didn’t really grow that well. They were affected a lot by red spider mites and green flies. We still got some nice peppers as you can see from the photos, but not nearly enough to justify growing them again on our balcony. Maybe you have more luck with them!

Instructions for a successful pointy pepper crop:
1. Sow 2-3 seeds in small biodegradable pots (4-5cm βŒ€).2. Mist the pots with water and cover with a piece of cling film (this helps create a slightly humid environment, which encourages germination).3. Place the pots in a warm place.4. Once the seedlings have appeared and are a few cm tall, pinch out the weaker ones or put into separate little pots.5. Water the seedlings from the bottom, rather than from the top, to encourage deeper root growth.6. Once the roots start coming through the bottom of the pot, re-pot into bigger pots (make sure you put chunks of polystyrene or pebbles at the bottom of the pot to facilitate good drainage – this is important to prevent root rot). If you used biodegradable pots initially, you can just put the entire little pot into the bigger pot and cover with new soil.

7. Keep the plants growing inside until there is no risk of frost and night time temperatures aren’t too low (approx. mid May).