Croatian Restaurants

Croatia…well: Sun, Sea and Seeafood!

There is an abundance of fresh seafood and yes, most restaurants can provide you with nicely cooked seafood and fish. Still there are some restaurants which just stand out. Lovely service. Perfectly cooked fish/seafood and not too much garlic which many restaurants smother their fish/seafood in because tourists apparently like it. Just lovely well balanced flavours, with the fish/seafood in the forefront. And also, we prefer restaurants which are maybe a little out of the way of the usual tourist path. So here goes:

We just went to Croatia again: This time to Isles of Cres and Lošinj. We found one good restaurant on each of those islands, which are worth going to. I have added them to the restaurant list below, but here is a little description of them.

Konoba Bukaleta on Isle of Cres, which serves fantastic local lamb dishes. Consistent with trip advisor reviews it is some of the best tasting lamb we have had. But beware, it is a busy restaurant, so you need to book in advance. People were being turned away at the door.

The second restaurant is on Isle of Lošinj, in the town called Veli Lošinj. Restaurant Mol is situated right on the sea front. Fantastic terrace to sit on. And…oh my…the seafood is just to die for. Mussels, Octopus, Squid, Fish… we had all of these and they were perfectly cooked and so fresh of course. The staff were fantastic. So all in all, a memorable experience. We will be back!

On our last Croatian holiday we found a restaurant on Isle of Dugi. Restoran Roco in Zaglav. This is definitely THE place to have the traditional croatian dish ‘Octopus Peka’. You can get it also with lamb or chicken, but the traditional dish is with octopus. The octopus is slow cooked for about 5 hours with tomatoes, potatoes, onion and lots of olive oil in a dome shaped, covered dish, on coals. It sits on coals but is also burried in coals. This creates the most fantastic tender, melt in the mouth octopus. Just fantastic. Try it or you’ll never know what a perfectly cooked octopus can taste like!

At some point we will have to sail past all the croatian Islands to go to these restaurants again. That is the plan!

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