There are times when we fancy cocktails at home πŸ™‚ Who wouldn’t occasionally! We have built up a good selection of cocktail ingredients over the years and have compiled a list of our favourite ones for which you can see recipes below. We will update this pages as we discover more:



crush 1-2 limes and some brown sugar

add Cachacas/rum (can add some Maraschino) and crushed ice


Summer Caipirinha

25 ml lime juice

25-50 ml Vodka/Cachacas/rRum

20 ml Midori

8 basil leaves

Watermelon ice cubes

Muddle, and top up with sparkling water


Cointreau Rickey

60 ml Cointreau

30 ml lime juice

120 ml soda

Can also add: strawberry and basil leaves

Can replace soda w/ 90 ml grapefruit juice + 30-60 ml soda


Margarita (or smoky variant)

60 ml Blanco Tequila (or 30 Anejo Tequila + 30 Mezcal)

30 ml Cointreau

30 ml lime juice

Ice; garnish w/ salt rim

Variation: add 2 slices Jalapeno and 2 sprigs of parsley


Margarita (blackberry)

45 ml white Tequila

22 ml Chambord liquer

22 ml pomegranate juice

15 ml lime juice


The Casino

45 ml Gin

25 ml lemon juice

15 ml Maraschino liquer

Large dash orange bitters

Shake with ice and serve w/ frozen blackberries


White lady

60 ml Gin

30 ml Cointreau

30 ml lemon juice

Egg white

Shake w/ ice and serve.


Aponus sour

45 ml Bourbon whisky

20 ml Amaro Abano

25 ml lemon juice

25 ml tea syrup (strong tea => boil with sugar to a syrup) – ideally Lapsang Souchong

1 egg white

Shake with ice and serve. Garnish with tea strands.


Amaretto sour (modified)

40 ml Amaretto

20 ml Whisky

30 ml gin

30 ml lemon juice

Egg white

Shake w/ ice and serve.


Black rose

15 ml Midori

25 ml Brandy

10 ml cassis

20 ml lemon juice

40 ml apple tea (or other fragrant tea)

10ml sugar syrup


Bling out

50 ml absolut Vodka

50 ml Lemon Juice

25 ml Saffron Sugar Syrup (heat 1:1 sugar:water w/ 10 strands saffron)

50 ml Cointreau

25 ml Orange Juice

Shake with ice



45 ml Vodka

30 ml Cointreau

30 ml Cranberry juice

20 ml lime juice


Sierra Madre sunrise

25 ml Mezcal

20 ml Aperol

15 ml lemon juice

3 dashes Angostura or chocolate bitters

75 ml sparkling water

Lemon peel, for garnish


Valencia sparkling wine cocktail

50 ml apricot Brandy (30 ml apricot liquor + 20 ml brandy)

25 ml orange juice

3 dashes orange bitters

Orange twist for garnish

Top up with sparkling wine


Grapefruit refresher

500 ml lemonade

Glug of Amaro Abano

Orange bitters

1 grapefruit (juice)

Optional: Gin or Rum

Garnish with melon cubes etc


Tomato and chilli

1/2 dried guajillo chili, cut open, stems and seeds removed

50 ml Mezcal

100 g tomatoes brushed with oil

20 ml lime juice

Β½ teaspoon coriander seed


Toast chillis on grill until soft, but not charred; chop.

Grill tomatoes; peel.

Muddle everything, strain, season with Worcestershire sauce and serve with lime wedge.



59 ml Gin

14 ml lemon juice

9 ml Maraschino Luxardo

Shake with ice, strain into glass, let 5 ml Crème de Violette drop to bottom

Garnish with lemon peel


The Last Word

25 ml Green Chartreuse

25 ml Gin

25 ml Maraschino liqueur

25 ml Lime juice

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