Easy, scrumptious recipes

I have had some time now to put up some recipes I have been meaning to share for a while. This selection of recipes really shows how exciting foods from different countries can be….also how easy it can be to create something amazingly tasty and good looking. The recipes include: 

Parsnip Soda Bread  on my ‘baking’ page

German Laugen Rolls, on my ‘baking’ page.

Roasted Aubergine Slices, topped with artichokes, anchovies and mint, on my ‘starters’ page.

Moroccan Chicken, Cinnamon and Almond Pastilla, on my ‘mains’ page.

Caramelized red onion, apricot and lemon couscous, on my ‘mains’ page

Hope some of you may enjoy these! More to follow for sure 🙂

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