Indian food adventure

It is high time for me to write a post. Not much is going on yet on the balcony this year, but we have been very busy in the kitchen over the last months. We have mostly been perfecting the Indian curry feast. Make all the below and you are bound to have the most amazing flavour experience:

We had made curries before, however, recently Alex has really perfected them… with one key trick: blending the curry sauce at the end makes the most beautiful silky curry sauce. Blending the sauce also produces a much more consistent flavour throughout the curry. Thanks go to the author (Nagi) of another website who led us to our curry making breakthrough. Thank you! We attempted Nagi’s Chicken Tikka Masala and it was just excellent. The only adaptation we made was to slow cook the chicken longer in the blended sauce – leading to very tender chicken. I have listed this recipe (with reference to Nagi as the author) on the mains page of my website for our own records. We usethis recipe now as basis for any curry we make, just changing the spices to make different curries also with different meats. We have now also made Lamb Rogan Josh and Chicken Korma. I will put the spice combinations for these curries on my website as well in due course. Just watch out on the mains page.

To go with the curry, we make home made naan breads – there are many different naan bread recipes on line but the best so far in our opinion is this one. We make the naans almost entirely according to this recipe, just increasing the dough rising time (around 3 h until the dough has trippled in size). This of course depends on the yeast type and also the room temperature. Also, instead of garlic, we usually spread plain butter on the naans and sprinkle them with course sea salt and dry coriander. Perfect accompaniment to the curry above. I have listed this recipe on the baking page of my website for our own records and to include the steps we have adapted.

We have also had fun making Paneer cheese recently. Can’t quite believe how easy it is and much much better tasting than shop bough paneer cheese. One example where the effort to make it yourself definitely pays off! I can’t really reference one single source for this recipe as there are many very similar ones online. Very simple with just milk, lemon juice and salt as ingredients! The difference between recipes online is just the exact amount of lemon juice and salt.  I have listed the quantities, steps and tricks we use on the mains page of my website. We usually use the paneer cheese to make our version of Saag Paneer: paneer cheese marinated in spices and cooked with spinach.

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