Sausage Rolls and Broccoli & Chickpea Falafel

Only a short post today so as not to sit at the computer for too long. However, I thought I would share these two super easy recipes for some excellent snacks while you are spending more time at home 🙂 Both were a hit with Alex and myself 🙂

Hearty, warming sausage rolls!

The recipe is pretty self-explanatory from the photos. So I have just written some notes next to each photo. You can see the notes if you click on the info button under a photo. Best eaten with some chutney. You can use shop bought puff pastry. But then now there is a lot more time on my hands it seems…therefore I used the opportunity to make my own puff pastry. I made sourdough puff pastry as per this recipe here. For these sausage roll pastry however I only used 1 tsp sugar in the pastry, instead of 60 g.

Lightly spicy broccoli falafel

Again I won’t write much here. I made them pretty much according to the recipe under this link but added about 2 times the amount of cumin and more lemon juice as well. In the end I also rolled them in maise flour prior to roasting. They turn out quite soft and fragile but therefore super light and tasty. We had them simply with some salmon, spicy sauce and a poached egg on top. Very easy and healthy.

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