sourcing seeds

Here I would like to take a moment to list the best places we have found for buying seeds online. These online places ship both within the UK as well as outside:

Spices on the web

This is a web provider of spices as well as a whole load of chilli seeds and chilli seedling plants. They provide a whole range of very good value (much better than in shops) different spices as well as spice blends.  This year we found out that they also specialize in chilli seeds and chilli seedling plants. We ordered one of their box sets of exotic, rare hybrid chilli plants. They were delivered to us very efficiently, well packaged and most importantly very alive! 🙂  Pretty exciting!

Nicky’s Nursery

We have ordered seeds from this online shop every year. They offer a great variety of seeds for different vegetable/fruit as well as non vegetable/fruit plants. The customer service is very forthcoming, providing all neccessary information on seeds you order. Although they are a UK based seed provider they also ship to other countries very efficiently and based on our experience the germination rate of their seeds is excellent.


This was a wonderful discovery for us. Alex found this website by chance while searching for some more exotic plants for our balcony. They offer a whole range of edible as well as non edible plant seeds. Shipping is efficient within and outside the UK and the information provided on the plants and how to sow the seeds is good.

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